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Jaar: c 1870 ?
Kwaliteit: Zie beschrijving
Uitgever: n.n.
Beschrijving: Wall Chart. Size: 60 x 40,5 Cm. On paper. Black and white., Signed: X. A. v. R. Brend’amour., Depicting in the central picture: De Inneming van Den Briel. 1 April 1572. In 1572 the city was occupied by the ”Watergeuzen” led by “Lumey” and “ Bloys van Treslong”. Troops outside the town wall, opening the town gate with fire and a ram. Fighting the army of “Alva ( picture on chart in the middle below) Above the picture: LIBERTATIS PRIMITIAE = first free town. Above this sentence the portrait of “Willem van Oranje” Beside the central picture 2 statue of women are depicted. Left side holding a whip , a torch and 2 chained dogs. On the right side holding a shield and Shackles.
Inhoudelijke beschrijving:
Specifieke beschrijving: Some spotting. Edges frayed. small tear not affecting the image
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